A Collection of the Best Lodges.

We strive to bring you a collection of beautiful Lodges that meet our impeccable standards of cleanliness and quality. Our Lodges all provide high quality linens, maintain smoke free and pet free* environments.

Easy & Fast to Find Your Dream Lodge

We created a very powerful, easy to use search engine to find your dream Lodge – fast. Go to Refine Search or Map View to choose the exact amenities, activities and location that will make your vacation a success.

Best Pictures, Tours & Descriptions.

You want the best information possible to choose a Lodge. So, we have Virtual Tours & Floor Plans of the entire Lodge, a list of everything from coffee machines to hair dryers, and tons of local information!

Make Reservations in Minutes.

Reserving it will take you minutes with our electronic reservation system – it is just like reserving a hotel room.

We Manage Your Trip.

All of your vacation details are available to you in your personal Guest Account – on any device, at any time. Our web site is completely mobile

24 / 7 Customer Service.

We are here 24 / 7 if you need anything. We know everything about our Lodges and we can help you with any issue – just email contact@exvg.com or call 877-874-7488.

*Lodges that allow pets are the one exception; if a Lodge allows pets, it is not a pet free Lodge.

My Trip Info & Services
Will someone be home when I stay there?

No, our Lodges are just for your family and friends to visit with complete privacy.

How can I access information about My Trip online?

All of your trip information is available online at any time - go to Guest Login and login and go to the My Trip page. Your Trip Details are listed for your convenience including your itinerary, details on the Lodge (address, directions, key access, parking information, etc.), your invoice, and other important details.

You can save the information to your computer, print it, and / or share it with friends and family through Facebook or most other social network sites!

How do I get keys for the Lodge?

Details on how to access your Lodge including how to get the keys are included in your Trip Details provided to you at the time of your reservation. The Trip Details are also accessible anytime online in your Guest Account - go to Guest Login, login, and go to My Trips.

Can you help me find rentals, lessons, restaurants, any other services?

Yes! Go to the Street View & Local Area page for your Lodge and follow the link to the listed activities. The links will take you to Yelp!, a fantastic web site for almost any kind of local business information.

Our link to Yelp! is pre-set to give you information about businesses near your Lodge including restaurants, rentals, lessons, and almost anything you might want.

If Yelp! does not answer your question, please contact us at contact@exvg.com or 877-874-7488. We would love to help!

What additional services do you provide to the Guest?

EXVG has 24 / 7 customer service for our Guests and we will take care of any questions or issues you may have with the Lodge including the maintenance and cleaning.

EXVG’s mission is to make your vacation more and more effortless. So, please keep an eye out in the future, we will be adding many additional services such as pre-ordering meal delivery so you do not have to cook (well, for a couple of nights at least).

If you have a service you would like us to add, please let us know at contact@exvg.com.

Help at EXVG
Where do I get help with the keys and alarms?

Please call us at 877-874-7488.

How do I request maintenance for the Lodge during my stay?

We handle maintenance requests for all the Lodges online through your Guest Account. The request is handled immediately with a notice sent to the appropriate maintenance provider. Go to your Guest Account (go to Guest Login / Join and login) and go to On-Site Services. Send us a service request and we will immediately respond letting you know that we have contacted the appropriate maintenance provider. If the maintenance provider is not responsive, please email us at contact@exvg.com or call us at 877-874-7488.

Payments & Charges
Can I pay by a method other than credit card?

We want to make it as easy and safe as possible for you to make your reservation so we have limited our payment method to credit cards. This is the only method of payment that we support. We do support all major credit cards and American Express. Sorry, we cannot make any exceptions.

When am I charged?

We charge you for 100% of your vacation at the time you make your reservation.

Are there any hidden extra charges?

There are no hidden extra charges. All our charges are detailed in your Invoice Summary and are available for your review at any time in your Guest Account (go to Guest Login) on the My Trips page.

Please note that, in some cases, we pre-authorize your card for a security deposit. Your card is only authorized, not charged for the security deposit unless, after your stay, we confirm damages occurred.

Security Deposit, Insurance & Damages
How does Rental Home Insurance work?

Rental Home Insurance protects you from incidental damages to the Lodge during your stay up to $3,000.00. (for more details see Rental Insurance Policy)

During the reservation payment process, you have the opportunity to purchase Rental Home Insurance.

How does the security deposit work?

If you choose Rental Home Insurance, you will be protected from charges to your security deposit for up to $3,000.00.

At the time of your reservation, we will pre-authorize your credit card for the amount of the security deposit.

Please note, we do not charge your credit card for the security deposit at the time of the reservation and you will not be charged unless, after your stay, we confirm damages occurred during your stay and it exceeds the amount covered by any Rental Insurance purchased.

How are damages handled?

If damages occur, we follow a standard procedure to resolve the issue. No charges will be made to your credit card until this procedure is completed. (for more information, see terms and conditions)

How can I cancel My Trip?

Cancelling your trip is easy – login to your Guest Account at Guest Login and go to My Trips. Click on the Cancel link for your trip, follow the simple steps.

What is EXVG’s Cancellation Policy?

For details, please see Cancellation Policy.


Maximize Returns & Simplify Your Life
How does EXVG maximize my revenues?

We are veterans of the hotel industry and our expertise is maximizing the rates and reservation volume for the largest hotels in the world. We want to use this expertise to do the same for your Lodge.

Through our branding and our leading edge software and internet marketing strategies, we ensure that your Lodge reaches the broadest audience of affluent guests and achieves the highest level of demand, rates and reservations.

For more details see About Joining.

What services are included in membership?

Our service was designed to maximize demand for your Lodge and simplify your life. Our services include:

  • Luxury branding
  • Creation of state-of-the-art online content (photography, descriptions, key search phrases)
  • Leading edge web site presence and expert e-marketing
  • Real time reservation processing
  • Integrated, real time identity verification
  • Advanced demand generation and rate management software tools
  • Management of the guest stay, including all customer service and maintenance
  • Revenue reporting and analytics
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Affiliate programs designed to attract the affluent guest
  • Revenue share of complementary merchandise

We are constantly improving our offering. If you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate. Let us know at homeowners@exvg.com.

When do I receive my revenue from reservations?

We immediately initiate the electronic transfer of funds to you, less our fees, after receiving the payment from the Guest.

About Joining
Does my Lodge qualify for EXVG’s collection?

Our collection includes Lodges that are ranked by us as a 3- to 5-Star Lodge. If you consider your Lodge to be on par or more luxurious than a 3-Star hotel, it belongs in our collection.

When we visit your Lodge, we will also make recommendations on how you might increase the star rating to increase your rates. We also provide you with rate analytics and guidance to ensure that you are maximizing your investment returns.

How do I join EXVG?

It’s effortless. Go to About Joining and click on Join, follow the simple steps to send us a notice that you would like to join. An EXVG Account Representative will be in touch promptly.

Safety, Security & Insurance
What type of Safety and Security measures does EXVG offer?

The safety and security of your Lodge is an extremely high priority for us. We have taken several steps to maximize the security of your Lodge and to minimize fraud.

First, and foremost, all of our Guests must submit to an identity verification using advanced identity verification software before they may reserve your Lodge. If we cannot confirm the Guest’s identity, they cannot reserve your Lodge. We also require that all Guests pay with a credit card to ensure you receive your payments.

We also protect the location of your Lodge and your identity. The location of the Lodge is not disclosed until the reservation is made requiring the Guest to make a substantial financial commitment. We also protect your identity to not only simplify your life, but to prevent exposure to fraud and solicitation.

Do you provide insurance for my Lodge?

We provide protection against damages through security deposits and / or Rental Home Insurance offered to the Guest. The Guest is required to allow us to pre-authorize their credit card for the amount of the security deposit. In addition, the Guest may choose to purchase Rental Home Insurance which insures against damages to the Lodge for up to $3,000.00.

How are damages handled?

The care and quality of your Lodge is critical for our brand. If damages occur, we follow a standard procedure to resolve the issue. We will work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. (for more information, see terms and conditions)

What are your fees?

Joining is free. We do not charge any upfront or subscription fees.

We charge our fees on a performance basis. For each reservation we process for you, we will charge a percentage of the reservation. Because we are paid per reservation, our model also drives us to maximize the rates and reservations for our Lodges. We have aligned our interests with those of our homeowners.

We have gone to great lengths to keep our costs low by using technology and automation - to minimize our fee and maximize your returns.

To learn more, please go to About Joining.